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General Electronics & Instrumentation Corporation Private Limited ("GEIC") was registered as an electronics components and instruments trading company in 1966, with its head office in Singapore. In 1969, GEIC was appointed as the Motorola Semiconductor authorized distributor for its full range of semiconductors and design-in application centre for its microprocessor, microcontroller and digital signal processor. Concurrently, its other system division specialised in Marine Communication Repair & Maintenance; MATV/CATV Installation & Maintenance; Satellite Downlink licensed installer; Public Address and Paging System design, install and maintenance for Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Restaurants & Shopping Centre; Active Speakerphone System design, install and maintenance for Dealing Rooms.

GEIC's current activities include the distribution of active and passive IT cabling system solutions, portable cabling testing & certification tools, IT networks monitoring and troubleshooting handheld tools and appliances, intelligent cabling system based projects including professional consultancy, training services, software implementation, database integration and customer care services.



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